Visit of PERU-Hub executives to Pucayacu and San Isidro estates in San Martín

As part of the coordination work, prior to the presentation of the Peruvian Extension and Research Utilization (PERU-Hub) project in Tarapoto – San Martin; the project director, Hugo Villachica Ph.D, together with the operations director, Benjamín Quijandría Ph.D, visited the facilities of the main estates of the Jungle Regional Development Institute (IRD-Selva) of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM).

The first meeting point was the San Isidro estate, where Mr. Abel Anaya, responsible for the administration of the IRD Selva, guided the directors through the fields of lemons of the “Sutil” and “Tahiti” varieties of this citrus fruit, which are very popular in this sector of the Amazon.

Raul Blas PhD, PERU-Hub’s Main Crop Researcher, was also present at the visit. Together with the management team, he was able to appreciate the “Swingle” lemon seedlings area and visit the boundaries of this important UNALM’s estate.

On the other hand, the PERU-Hub team also visited the facilities of the Pucayacu Estate, the main center of operations of the project in San Martin, where they observed the zoning works of the future nursery area, as well as the project offices carried out by the university.

The tour ended with a view of a map of the Puyacacu Estate, showing the technified irrigation system that will soon be installed in the area, which will be carried out by sectors.