PERU-Hub visits women entrepreneurs to strengthen technical and commercial skills of communities and organizations in San Martin

PERU-Hub continues with the research work prior to the creation of the Technology Transfer Center (Hub) at the Pucayacu Experimental Estate of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina in Tarapoto. The Animal Scientist Remzi Zarate, extension coordinator of the project, led the working group that went to the native community Kechwa Copal Sacha, in the district of San José de Sisa, province of El Dorado, San Martin region. Here the PERU-Hub representatives talked and interviewed the members of the association “Choco Warmis” to learn about the work they do: the production and marketing of chocolate and cocoa derivatives in order to promote the economic and social empowerment of women.

The visit to this community is part of the activities of PERU-Hub in the process of data collection, and thus obtain a better overview in the application of advanced technologies and in the formation of entrepreneurial skills

PERU-Hub professionals continue to visit and survey communities and organizations within the jurisdiction of the San Martin region to gather preliminary information and subsequently plan intervention strategies, improving the productivity levels of the beneficiary organizations and communities.