Toast of honor prior to the launch of PERU-Hub strengthened professional and comradeship bonds.

Written by: PERU-Hub Communications Office

As part of the activities prior to the launching of PERU-Hub in Tarapoto, Dr. Hugo Villachica, Director of the project, offered a welcoming cocktail to the national and foreign authorities invited to our important ceremony. The cocktail, which took place one day before the launching in a well-known hotel of the city, was attended by the rector of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM), Dr. Américo Guevara, as well as the representatives of USAID Washington who lead the PERU-Hub project: Siena Fleischer, Education and Foreign Service Officer; Ashley Heiber, Policy and Program Advisor; and Beth Guertal, Activities Manager. The event was also attended by a delegation from the USAID offices in Peru, headed by its Director, Mr. Jene Thomas, as well as Maria Paz Montoya, Mark Gizzi and Adre-Guy Soh.

Among the representatives of the project’s partner universities were Loran Parker and Willela Burgess, from Purdue University; Mike Glausser and Andy Thunell from Utah University; Timothy Filley, from Oklahoma University; and Yovita Ivanova, from the Bioversity International Alliance – CIAT. All attendees were warmly welcomed by Dr. Villachica, who was accompanied by Dr. Benjamín Quijandría, Director of Operations and Dr. Javier Ñaupari, leader of the Knowledge and Building component of PERU-Hub.

The authorities and guests shared a lovely evening, in a meaningful night for those present, as many of them met for the first time in person. It was also a special moment for good conversation and sharing experiences with the leaders of the components that make up PERU-Hub. They are Angela Fuentes (Entrepreneurship); Dr. Julio Alegre (Crops); Rossemary Carpio (Food Transformation) and Remzi Zarate (Extension).

The Rector of UNALM, Dr. Guevara, led the toast of honor, expressing his good wishes for the start of the execution of PERU-Hub. Dr. Hugo Villachica and Siena Fleischer also dedicated words of gratitude and encouragement a few hours before the launching of the project.

Before concluding the pleasant meeting, those present took a group photo. In this way, professional and friendship bonds were strengthened, an important event to continue working as a team.

Rossemary Carpio Mg.Sc., coordinator of the Food Transformation component, and Engineer Andrea Sanchez, food specialist, are part of the PERU-Hub team in charge of developing new food products.