PERU-Hub successfully completed surveys to beneficiaries in the first year of the project in San Martin

After almost three months of hard work in the open field, PERU-Hub’s Extension Component has completed the surveys of organizations, communities and producers in the San Martin region, especially those located around the Huallaga Valley, the project’s intervention area. The work, which began in the first week of March and culminated around the second half of May, shows the great interest that farmers have in learning more about the project, as well as hearing about alternatives for improvement and innovation for their crops and enterprises.

In pictures Mrs. Karina Tuanama - Member of the Association of Organized Women 'Choco Warmis', a collective that is part of the Native Community 'Copal Sacha' of the district of San José de Sisa (Province of El Dorado, San Martín), together with an extensionist of PERU- Hub during the survey.

Remzi Zárate, Extension Coordinator (e), together with the Crop and Food Transformation components, worked at the end of 2021 on a survey model that would serve as an initial diagnosis of each producer and would be the first step in gathering information from the beneficiaries in an easy and practical way. The data obtained will make it possible to establish values for the project indicators in order to objectively measure the results.

To make this work possible, each extensionist was trained. The resident extensionists from Fundo Pucayacu (Tarapoto) visited 8 districts in the San Martin region. These were: Chazuta, Caynarachi (Lower Huallaga), San José de Sisa, Cuñumbuqui (Central Huallaga), Pachiza, Huicungo, Huallaga and Juanjuí (Upper Huallaga).

The Extension component plays a key role in activities involving organizations and communities, especially when it comes to the articulation and transfer of knowledge. These surveys seek to learn more about the needs of each producer, visiting their farms and agricultural fields, often located in sectors far from the urban area. PERU-Hub would like to thank the producers and directors for their support in carrying out these surveys.

Continuing with its activities, the Extension team will soon conduct participatory workshops with the producers in order to improve their technical skills and apply what they have learned on their farms.

Eng. Frans Sinarahua with the producer Mrs. Andoa of the Association of Organic Producers of Chazuta (APOCH) in the district of Chazuta, Province of San Martin.