Food processing team provides technical assistance to PERU-Hub’s beneficiary associations

After arduous analysis and work planning, PERU-Hub’s Food Transformation Component conducted its first training for organizations located in the project’s intervention area. 

The workshop was aimed at improving the use of by-products resulting from the industrialization of cacao. The first beneficiary of the workshop was the Mishky Cacao association from the district of Chazuta in San Martin. The activity was led by Andrea Sanchez, PERU-Hub food specialist.

This diagnosis consisted of learning how the Association is currently managing its cacao processing plant, as well as the control of its production, products, and opportunities for improvement in its development.

Among the participants was Mrs. Ayli Quinteros, representative of the Mishky Cacao Association, Carlos Valdivia, and Genovith Venturo from the Regional Government of San Martin (GORESAM), among others.

The Food Transformation team will continue to refine the design and implementation of what will be the next Pilot Food Center on the Pucayacu farm. In addition, it will continue to execute its training plan in conjunction with Purdue University, a strategic ally of PERU-Hub.