Guanábana, cacao and Camu Camu: Alternative crops for the economic development of San Martín

With a previous selection of seeds, PERU-Hub has started the production of soursop (guanabana), cocoa and camu-camu seedlings in the nursery of the Pucayacu farm in Tarapoto. For this work, a careful treatment of the genetic material has been applied to guarantee quality and high productivity in the project’s beneficiary intervention areas (Huallaga Valley) and thus improve the quality of life and sustainability of farmers in the San Martin Region. In addition, the crop team engineers are incorporating technologies to increase profitability and care for the environment.

Camu Camu is one of the tropical crops with the highest vitamin C content, being one of its most outstanding functional properties.

Camu-camu is one of the Amazonian fruit crops that is gaining more and more attention due to its peculiar characteristics and its very recent introduction in world markets for its very high vitamin C content. The crop specialist engineer of PERU-Hub, Marco Garcia, said that the planting of this fruit in the San Martin region will be in rice fields because they have the ideal environmental conditions for growth and development. Research shows that camu camu is a profitable and economic product from planting to harvesting, obtaining advantages for its commercialization in domestic and international markets.

On the other hand, soursop is also characterized by having a high potential for profitability because it is a fruit that prevents viral or infectious diseases. In addition, this fruit has a pleasant flavor and aroma. Mr. Garcia pointed out that for years soursop has been consumed and marketed naturally. For these reasons it is necessary to take advantage of the new trade flows with the application of technologies in the improvement of its agricultural production, to be immersed in the globalized economy and
international competitiveness.

Soursop seeds in sprouting stage at the Pucayacu farm (Regional Institute of Development - Jungle) of UNALM.
Cacao plants in PERU-Hub's nursery in Pucayacu farm (Tarapoto, San Martin).

The Pucayacu plant nursery is also working with cacao seeds of high genetic quality, as it is a product appreciated in the international market, since it currently represents a good business for farmers.

With these alternative crops, PERU-Hub seeks to improve the productive and competitive level of producers in the Peruvian Amazon.