PERU-Hub and Purdue University held training on food safety

As part of a series of training sessions organized by PERU-Hub in the San Martin region, Amanda J. Deering, Ph. D. and Dharmendra Mishra, Ph.D. from Purdue University, a U.S. partner institution of the project, went to the city of Tarapoto, San Jose de Sisa and Chazuta, accompanied by Mg. Sc. Rossemary Carpio, coordinator of the Food Transformation Component and Eng. Andrea Sanchez, specialist in food, development and market of PERU-Hub, to guide and train the beneficiaries of the project on the safety of food for human consumption.

In the picture, Amanda J. Deering, Ph.D. and Dharmendra Mishra, Ph.D. from Purdue University with Mg.Sc. Rossemary Carpio, Eng. Andrea Sanchez, from the PERU-Hub Food Transformation Component team and Karen Document, director of the UNSM Business Incubator.

During the training sessions in the cities of Tarapoto, San José de Sisa and Chazuta, the Purdue University delegation indicated that food safety is a shared responsibility between governments, producers and consumers. They also pointed out the importance of ensuring safe and healthy food, from the farm to the moment the food reaches the table.

In addition, PERU-Hub beneficiaries learned about the three pollutants, biological, chemical and physical, present in different environmental settings, as well as in food. Biological contaminants include bacteria, fungi, viruses, prions; chemical contaminants include veterinary drugs, natural toxins, food additives; and physical contaminants include glass, stones, metals, hair, etc. Knowing these three contaminating agents reduces the risk of foodborne diseases, facilitating safety practices in production and processing of the food we consume.

Eng. Rossemary Carpio, coordinator of the Food Transformation Component said “It is necessary to point out that the food safety cannot be disregarded when examining quality, since safety is an aspect of quality as safe food contributes to a healthy life, a healthy economy, a healthy planet and a healthy future,” said Rossemary Carpio, coordinator of the Food Transformation Component. The beneficiaries of these workshops were the association of Producers Choco Warmis – Kopal Sacha – S.J. Sisa, Agricultural Cooperative Mushuk Runa Ltda, Association of Producers Mishky Cacao, Agricultural Cooperative Allima Cacao, Abeja Azul, Panadería Chepita, Gusto AmazónicoSelva Alta Corporation SAC – Abolengo, teachers, students and graduates of the National University of San Martin.

With these workshops, PERU-Hub promotes the application of safety measures in production systems, aimed at protecting the health of consumers.