We presented the project’s progress to USAID and UNALM.

  • Peruvian Extension and Research Utilization (PERU-Hub) presented the results of its first actions in its first year to authorities from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM).


As part of the annual review of the #USAID project portfolio, Hugo Villachica Ph.D, director of PERU-Hub, unveiled the progress of the future innovative technology transfer center for the #SanMartin region.

The presentation took place at the university facilities and was attended by Dr. Américo Guevara, rector of the UNALM; Mr. Jene Thomas, director of the USAID Peru Mission; as well as authorities and representatives of both institutions.

During his presentation, Villachica highlighted the work carried out in the first year of the project, including the implementation of the plant #nursery at Fundo Pucayacu (Tarapoto), where different species of selected alternative crops are already being experimented and produced. These include: soursop, passion fruit, Camu Camu, fine aroma cacao, among many others.

The executive explained the organization and organizational structure of PERU-Hub to those present, and said that the training that the components have been carrying out this first year, have allowed to identify opportunities for improvement with entrepreneurs and strengthen the proximity to farmers, direct beneficiaries of the project in the San Martin region.

Finally, the highest representative of the project took the opportunity to announce that for the second year of PERU-Hub the implementation of the future Food Transformation Center is expected, an initiative executed by Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM) in favor of Fundo Pucayacu, the project’s center of operations, which will contribute to its objectives for the benefit of small and medium food enterprises in the region.

The Pucayacu and San Isidro farms are part of UNALM’s Regional Development Institutes (IRD).