More than 14 associations participate in PERU-Hub’s Field Schools (ECAs)

As part of PERU-Hub’s actions in the San Martin region, the project’s Extension Component has been carrying out a series of field learning sessions with local farmers and ranchers, many of them cacao producer associations, orange producer organizations, livestock producers, among others.

The Field School sessions, or simply ECA sessions, aim to bring together a group of producers with the objective of training them to improve their production levels from harvest to crop extraction.

To make this program possible, the Extension team provided an introduction to the subject and encouraged participants to sign a commitment to the ECAs as part of the first field learning session. In addition, an initial test (box tests) was conducted to determine the prior knowledge of each participant.

Participants from cacao organizations in the development of the box testing activity.
Eng. Esteban Altamirano in soil sampling activity with orange producers in the district of Ledoy (Bellavista).

Subsequently, the second stage of the ECA’s were developed in December of 2022, together with the extensionists: Eng. Remzi Zárate, Eng. Frans Sinarahua, Bach. David Briceño and Tec. Roy Ríos.

At this stage, the engineers emphasized the step-by-step for a correct soil sampling, an indispensable work for its diagnosis and knowledge of its nutritional status.

These last sessions were held in localities of the San Martin region, located in Ledoy, Chazuta, Caynarachi, San Jose de Sisa, Pachiza and Cuñumbuqui. 

Among the beneficiaries of these trainings are: Cooperativa Agraria ALLIMA CACAO Ltda; Asociación de Productoras Agropecuarias Mishki Cacao; Asociación de Productoras Choco Warmis (Comunidad Nativa Kopalsacha); Cooperativa Agraria Mushuk Runa Ltda, Asociación de Productores Agroindustriales de Ledoy; Cooperativa Agroindustrial del Palmito APROPAL LDTDA and the Asociación de Productores Ganaderos del Valle de Fisaquihui – San Fernando, among others.

All of these organizations are located around the Huallaga Valley, PERU-Hub’s area of intervention.

Eng. Remzi Zarate and Eng. Frans Sinarahua with farmers and cacao producers in the district of Pachiza in San Martin.

It should be noted that many of the communities commercialize products based on alternative crops, such as pijuayo palmito, oranges or cacao.

By January of 2023, Extension expects to complete the third and fourth stages of the Field Schools with the beneficiary producers, providing training in pruning and fertilization for their respective crops, in addition to training in pest management, actions that will have an impact on the improvement of their crops in favor of their economies and quality of life.