BRIDGE Spring 2023: On the road to local capabilities strengthening

PERU-Hub was the organizer of the BRIDGE Spring 2023 meeting, an event that brings together USAID-supported programs from four countries around the world every few years.

The theme of the event was “Local Capabilities Strengthening” and was attended by teams from the CARISCA program in Ghana, BRIDGE-U Liberia, ASPIRE in Guatemala and PERU-Hub in Peru.

The BRIDGE-U meeting addressed relevant topics such as the different models that each program is using to build capabilities and generate innovation, research and technologies through their activities, sharing and learning experiences, among others.

The Bringing Research to Impact for Development, Global Engagement, and Utilization (BRIDGE-U) program supports partnerships among higher education institutions in USAID partner countries to develop research and innovation centers. The centers promote the effective use of research to address local and national development priorities.