Farmers expand their knowledge and experience with the PERU-Hub Internship Program



In order to strengthen the knowledge of producers in the San Martin region, PERU-Hub developed its first national internship with more than 20 cacao, majambo and orange farmers.

The learning trip, held from April 17 to 21, sought to enable farmers to exchange knowledge and experiences with producers from other locations, learning more about the management of crops, as well as the process of transformation and commercialization in the market.



As a starting point for this important program, the beneficiaries from San Martin visited the facilities Universidad Nacional Agraria de la Selva (UNAS) in Tingo Maria (Huanuco), where they were shown the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Agronomy, as well as the Cocoa Germplasm Bank. They then visited the cacao processing plant of the ChocoMikhuna brand of Corporación Ayllu S.A. There, they toured the different processing areas and tasted the wide variety of chocolate bars and by-products offered in the area.

The delegation also visited the Floralp Cheese Factory, a leader in the production of cheese and delicacies, located in the town of Chontabamba (Oxapampa, Pasco). Here the participants recognized the role of food transformation in the value chain, a key axis for any type of business or enterprise.

As part of the third day of the internship in the central jungle of Peru, the farmers visited the Genova farm of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, located in San Ramón (Chanchamayo, Junín). At Génova they were welcomed by Mr. Felipe Anaya (in charge of administration), who shared information with them about the cultivation of oranges (the predominant citrus fruit on the farm). Anaya explained the production process, from harvest to sale.

Following the agenda, the beneficiaries went to the Chanchamayo Highland Coffee Chocolate Factory, a private initiative that brings together different coffee and cocoa associations from the central jungle, with the sole objective of integrating and maximizing the commercialization of their products in the foreign market, especially in Europe. Among the most outstanding products of this important fair are: coffee, chocolate, jams (soursop, orange, camu camu, etc.), wines and derivatives, fruit-based liquors and packaging, cocktails, among others.


As part of their last day, the cocoa producers visited the facilities of Kemito-ENE, a collective coffee and cocoa brand made up solely of associations, producers and Ashaninka communities of the Ene River.

The interns culminated their trip with a tour of the facilities of Pangoa Café-Cacao, a cooperative initiative located in San Martín de Pangoa (Satipo, Junín). Pangoa is a brand recognized for its 100% organic coffee and cocoa, attributes that have allowed them to diversify their business and position their most emblematic products in the foreign market.

From PERU-Hub we extend our greatest gratitude to this first group of interns, committed farmers who seek to excel and undertake. Soon the project will make a new call for internships, so that more farmers will benefit from the expansion of their skills and knowledge.