Recognition ceremony for the winning students of the second phase of the PERU-Hub thesis contest

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM), through an institutional ceremony, recognized the winning students of the undergraduate and postgraduate funding competition organized by PERU-Hub. This contest, which concluded the second phase of the call, aims to develop research related to the purpose of the PERU-Hub project in order to generate knowledge and technology that contribute to promote local and regional development, and at the same time serve to support students in the completion of their studies and the strengthening of research at UNALM.

The winning undergraduate thesis students were: Elida Maritza Montero Cabrera (Career: Agronomy), Fabiola Yuliana Laura Añasco (Career: Forestry), John Dennis Tadeo Flores (Career: Food Industries), Kimberly Milagros Urbano Verde (Career: Agronomy), Lesslie Julissa Palpa Diaz (Career: Food Industries), Lourdes María García Uscata (Career: Food Industries), Luis Fernando Maquera Huallpa (Career: Agronomy), Michell Arroyo Julca (Career: Agronomy), Ulises Gonzalo Calizaya Mamani (Career: Food Industries) and Victor Eduardo Diaz Romero (Career: Meteorology); and postgraduate students: Betty Flores Gonzales (Career: Master in Phytopathology), Betty Isabel Blanco Campos (Career: Master in Food Technology), Edson Troyes Mego (Career: Master in Food Technology), Edwin Jara Vergaray (Career: Master in Animal Production), Karina Liseth Arango Ledesma (Career: Master in Soils), Luz Milagros Morales Santiago (Career: Master’s Degree in Plant Genetics Improvement), Michael Andres Bracamonte Romero (Career: Master’s Degree in Food Technology) and Oscar Jesús Castañeda Muente (Career: Master’s Degree in Food Technology).

The ceremony was led by the rector of UNALM, Dr. Américo Guevara Pérez, and was also attended by Dr. Hugo Villachica L., director of the PERU-Hub Project. The activity was also attended by the parents of the winning thesis students, who showed their enthusiasm for this important step in the academic and professional development of their children.

This ceremony marked the end of the call for applications for the year 2023. On December 20 of this year, a new call will be opened where UNALM students will have until February 20, 2024 to submit their theses. The financing of theses is possible thanks to a grant from USAID, a partner institution of PERU-Hub.