BRIDGE Spring 2023: On the road to local capabilities strengthening

PERU-Hub was the organizer of the BRIDGE Spring 2023 meeting, an event that brings together USAID-supported programs from four countries around the world every few years. The theme of the event was “Local Capabilities Strengthening” and was attended by teams from the CARISCA program in Ghana, BRIDGE-U Liberia, ASPIRE in Guatemala and PERU-Hub in Peru. […]

PERU-Hub strengthens ties with The Regional Government of San Martin (GORESAM)

Representatives of both institutions met within the framework of the PERU-Hub project In order to strengthen local strategic alliances, PERU-Hub’s Director of Operations, Benjamín Quijandría, met with Roberto Pinedo, General Manager of the Regional Government of San Martín. Eng. Ulderico Fasanando, environmental advisor and Julio Segura, Technical Field Coordinator, both representatives of the PERU-Hub team, […]

New entrepreneurship scents for the San Martin Region

PERU-Hub traveled to Mexico to learn about natural vanilla cultivation techniques. Written by: Janet Mori Head of PERU-Hub’s Communications office Dr. Raul Blas went to Mexico to look for the black gold and bring it to Peru. As a special envoy of PERU-Hub, his first mission was successful. He verified that there are great possibilities […]

PERU-Hub visited the Don Pepito farm, a reference in vanilla production in San Martin.

On behalf of PERU-Hub, Mg.Sc. Rosemary Carpio, coordinator of the Food Transformation Component and Julio Segura MBA, Technical Field Coordinator, visited the district on the left bank of the Mayo River in the province of Moyobamba (San Martin) to learn about the vanilla production process at Finca Don Pepito, This enterprise is located in the San […]

Extensionists participate in Pacha Kit soil analysis kit validation workshop

As part of the PERU-Hub alliance, members of the Extension Component participated in a workshop to validate the “Pacha Kit” soil health analysis kit. The session was conducted virtually by researchers Martha Jimenez Ph.D and Carmen Roman Ph.D, from the University of Oklahoma (OU), in coordination with Julio Alegre Ph.D, coordinator of the Crop Management […]

PERU-Hub business plans will allow crop diversification in the San Martín Region

Two decades ago, farmers in the Peruvian Amazon abandoned coca leaf crops in exchange for the Cacao, a product that was presented as an alternative crop to stop illegal planting. Cacao production was successful at the time, sustaining the economy of many families in the Peruvian jungle for a long time. Today, however, cacao producers […]

More than 14 associations participate in PERU-Hub’s Field Schools (ECAs)

As part of PERU-Hub’s actions in the San Martin region, the project’s Extension Component has been carrying out a series of field learning sessions with local farmers and ranchers, many of them cacao producer associations, orange producer organizations, livestock producers, among others. The Field School sessions, or simply ECA sessions, aim to bring together a […]

Recognition ceremony for the winning students of PERU-Hub’s thesis contest

In a significant ceremony, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM) recognized the students whose theses were winners of the funding contest organized by PERU-Hub. This contest, which concluded its first phase, aims to develop research related to the purpose of the PERU-Hub project in order to generate knowledge and technology that contribute to promote local […]

The key role of dairy husbandry for food security and economic growth in San Martín

Written by: Janet Mori  PERU-Hub Communications Office  Interview with: Javier Arturo Ñaupari Vásquez Javier Arturo Ñaupari Vásque Director of the Learning Component of PERU-Hub Dr. Ñaupari is PhD, MS, Animal Science Engineer and currently serves as Senior Professor in Ecology and Grasslands Management; and Director of the Department of Animal Production at the Universidad Nacional […]