Macambo: an export alternative for San Martin’s farmers

Interview with: Mg.Sc. Rossemary Carpio Coordinator of Food Transformation and Value-Added Products of PERU-hub   San Martin is one of the regions that processes and produces different crops such as cocoa, vanilla, among others. At the same time, there is also another crop that is not yet well known in the international market, such as […]

We presented the project’s progress to USAID and UNALM.

Peruvian Extension and Research Utilization (PERU-Hub) presented the results of its first actions in its first year to authorities from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM). As part of the annual review of the #USAID project portfolio, Hugo Villachica Ph.D, director of PERU-Hub, unveiled the progress […]

PERU-Hub present at UNALM’s “Research Week 2022”

The event disclosed the research advances of the university community of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM) and various institutions.   On -the last day of the research week at the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM), an event that brought together prominent researchers and special guests, Dr. Hugo Villachica, director of PERU-Hub, presented […]

PERU-Hub trained farmers from San Martin in livestock and agriculture in the tropics

Livestock and Agriculture in the Tropics workshops were held in the city of Tarapoto, organized by PERU-Hub under the direction of Engineer Esteban Altamirano, coordinator of the Extension Component. The workshops were aimed at producers in the San Martín Region, to be able to enrich their knowledge in animal health and soil management, as well […]

Sustainable businesses: the future of small entrepreneurs in the San Martin region

Written by: Miguel Erazo PERU-Hub Communications Office In recent years, San Martin has experienced a productive revolution. The region has a wide variety of cocoa supply and is known for its fine-scented chocolates. However, these productive projects are not the only ones in this important Amazon region. Yucca starch donuts, honey and a diverse range of […]

PERU-Hub and Purdue University held training on food safety

As part of a series of training sessions organized by PERU-Hub in the San Martin region, Amanda J. Deering, Ph. D. and Dharmendra Mishra, Ph.D. from Purdue University, a U.S. partner institution of the project, went to the city of Tarapoto, San Jose de Sisa and Chazuta, accompanied by Mg. Sc. Rossemary Carpio, coordinator of […]

Towards quality seed certification in San Martín

Written by: Janet Mori Head of PERU-Hub’s Communications office Interview with: Raúl Blas, Ph.D. Principal Crop Researcher of PERU-Hub PERU- Hub bets on the supply security of quality seeds for productivity and food security in the Huallaga Valley. Peru has the ecological conditions and genetic diversity to become a potential supplier of quality seeds in […]

PERU-Hub extensionists finalized participatory rural appraisal worskshops in San Martín

To be able to analyze and learn in greater detail the needs of PERU-Hub’s partner organizations in San Martin, the #Extension Component conducted a series of participatory diagnostic workshops for 15 associations and cooperatives in the region, including native cacao-growing communities and orange – producing groups. Engineer Esteban Altamirano (Coordinator) and Mg.Sc.(c) Remzi Zárate, together […]

The importance of cocoa and its key role in combating deforestation in San Martin

PERU-Hub will support cacao producers to improve their production and marketing. Source: El País San Martin is one of the main regions where cacao beans are grown, considered one of the crops with the highest export demand in Peru. Only 80% of national production is concentrated in the regions of: Cusco, Amazonas, Piura, Ayacucho, Junin […]